Sunday, January 6, 2008

What is Telecommuting?

First Choice Eldercare of St George, Utah, allows many of its employees to telecommute. So what’s telecommuting all about?

Telecommuting is working from a remote location, usually your home, using computers, telephones, fax machines, and remote internet capabilities, rather than commuting car or public transport to and from an employer's work site to do the same job.

First Choice Eldercare is based in St George UT, but also covers the surrounding area, including Leeds, Springdale , Cedar City, Bloomington, Washington County and Santa Clara. We cover such a wide area, you can see the need and benefit of using telecommuting to offer certain services.

There are a great many benefits to telecommuting, some of which are are: Energy conservation, protecting the environment, Improving employee and public safety and the enhancement of family values.

Although to a certain extent the capacity to telecommute has existed for a number of years, it has only been in the last 15 years that an ever increasing number of people have begun turning to telecommuting in order to take advantage of the benefits that have become socially a great deal more important. The benefits of telecommuting are numerous and the time for demonstrating the effectiveness of telecommuting has past. Now, many organizations are working to implement it into their work option policies in order to reap the rewards that it has to offer, while enhancing their ability to recruit and retain high quality employees.

Most telecommuters also take advantage of modern web conferencing capabilities. These allow the telecommuter to sit in on office meetings via modem and webcam or at the very least take part in conference calls.

An important part of the care service provided by First Choice Eldercare is to provide companionship for the elderly, and a phone call can remind them that someone is thinking about them and make them feel valued and cared for.