Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Companionship for the Elderly

Caring for the elderly involves a lot more than simply taking care of their physical needs. Companionship is just as important as care and all too often older people don’t have enough of it.
It’s often the case that the elderly don’t have as much contact with people as when they were younger and companionship can make a huge improvement to the quality of their life.

Staying in touch with elderly friends or relatives is very easy by phone. A quick phone call can show them that they are being thought of and valued, and can really brighten their day. This is a great option for family that live far away and can’t physically be with their elderly relatives very easily.

If an older person has problems with mobility, maybe they have difficulty walking or have to use a wheelchair to get around, having visitors will be something they really appreciate. If an elderly person is housebound their opportunities for meeting people are severely limited and getting older doesn’t mean the need to socialise gets less.

Failing eyesight or other mobility problems may mean that an elderly person doesn’t have the use of a car anymore, or can’t get to the train station very easily. Taking an elderly person shopping can be a big help and gives them some companionship at the same time. Also, many elderly people need to visit their doctor more regularly than when they were younger and offering to assist with getting them there can take a lot of stress out the journey. You could also pick up their prescription for them afterwards.

First Choice Eldercare’s carefully selected and compassionate carers provide the kind of companionship that can brighten an elderly person’s day, along with a high level of care to make living so much easier.

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